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Friday, October 8, 2010

Significance of Flowers

The significance of flowers
Gifts are personal expressions of our feelings for each other. People in most countries of the world consider flowers to be the best gift to express love. And according to a recent survey  flowers top the lists of both  men and women as the best "I love you" gift. The respondents also noted friendship, thank you, and anniversaries.

Although flowers have always been regarded as a thoughtful choice, let us thoroughly examine the idea of presenting such ephemeral, completely allusive and symbolic objects. A bouquet of roses lasts for a week, not more… Why not spend money on something more solid and durable, for example, jewelry or clothing, as ladies love these things as well? The whole idea of giving flowers seems to be against reasonable behavior and a bit absurd, doesn’t it


In fact, flowers are not consumer goods; they are not able to improve ladies' living standards. Flowers are however THE SYMBOL of adoration and profound love. They are meant to show a strong positive emotion of regard and affection towards a person. Love is mostly known as something irrational. What can represent an irrational notion better than an irrational action?! For that reason flowers have always been an essential gift in tradition.  ladies appreciate them enormously.

"flowers give people some kind of feeling of happiness, of summer and spring," .
"You can tell a lot with flowers: A language of flowers exists," said Igor Zakalinksky, head of "Orange", .
" A single red rose points unequivocally to the heart -- marriage. Tulips intend sympathy, while yellow tulips reveal a hidden love. An orchid praises unique beauty and a chrysanthemum speaks of undying youth and health. A cactus grants happiness and a long life of harvests."

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