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Friday, October 8, 2010

Flower Power

مشاهدة الصورة بالحجم الكامل

It was in 1965 that the American poet Allen Ginsberg came up with the term flower power and
recent research shows that blooms really do spread happiness and joy that people beck then
believed. Flowers and flowering plants have been shown to give emotional and psychological benefits
to humans in several recent studies. Andrey Pavlov of Oranzh says that he is not surprised
by the findings.''In Russia flowers help us to celebrate almost every happy occasion
and they can just be given as a side present or as a just because. We have a whole culture
of flowers in Russia that doesn't exist in many other countries of the world.''
Let's look at some of the more popular flowers in turn now:
The first cultivated roses appeared in Asian gardens more than 5000 years ago. Sargon I, King of the Akkadians (2684-2630 B.C., ancient Mesopotamia) brought back from a military expedition "vines, figs and rose trees". Egyptian artists depicted roses in tombs dating from the 5th century BC to Cleopatra's time.
Rose: Love
White rose: I am worthy of your love, innocent love
Pink rose: Ours must be secret love
Red rose: Unity, romantic love
Deep-red rose: Admiration, bashful, embarrassment
Half-blown rose: Timid love
Full-blown rose: Engagement
Flower of the month: June
Rose is a Gemini flower

Gerbera Daisy
The way this flower opens and closes with the sun produced its name - day's eye. Daisies are believed to be more than 4000 years old! Egyptian ceramics and Cretan ornaments found in the Minoan palace are decorated with daisies. Assyrians powdered daisies and mixed them with oil to turn gray hair dark again. A common remedy for insanity was to drink crushed daisies with wine.

Daisy: Innocence
Colored daisy: Beauty
White wild daisy: I will think of it
Daisy is a Libra flower
Gerbera is a Scorpio flower
The name in Latin means "sword" due to the shape of its leaves. The flower is said to have represented the Roman gladiators. A mixture of powdered corms and goat's milk was a favorite remedy for colic. In the 18th Century, African Gladioli were imported in large quantities to Europe from South Africa.

Gladiolus: Ready-armed
Iris: Message, my compliments, eloquence
Flower of the month: August
The name is derived from the Greek 'chrysos' (gold) and 'anthos' (flower). The flower was first exhibited in Europe in the 18th century. Before that it had been cultivated in China for more than 2,500 years. The Chrysanthemum was pictures of lilies were discovered in a villa in Crete, dating back to the Minoan Period, about 1580 B.C. badge of the Old Chinese Army.

White chrysanthemum: Truth
Red chrysanthemum: I love
Chinese chrysanthemum: Loveliness and cheerfulness
Flower of the month: November
Chrysanthemum is a Cancer flower
The pictures of lilies were discovered in the palace of Crete, dating back to 1580 B.C. In Greek marriage ceremonies the bride wears a crown of lilies and wheat. In the Bible they symbolize chastity and virtue; they are also a symbol of fertility. In Elizabethan times lilies were one of the medicines to treatment fever, or for cleaning wounds and burns.

Water lily: Purity of heart
Calla lily: Maiden modesty, beauty
Day lily: Coquetry
White lily: Purity and sweetness
Yellow lily: Coquetry, falsehood, flirtation
Lily - of - the – valley: Perfect purity, return of happiness
Flower of the month: May
Lily is a Virgo flower
In Greek orchis means testicle. Greek women believed that if the father of their unborn child ate large tubers, the baby would be a boy. If the mother ate small tubers, they would give birth to a baby girl. The most famous of them, the vanilla orchid, was said to give strength to the Aztecs, who drank vanilla mixed with chocolate.

Orchid: You are a belle, you flatter me

Orchid is an Aquarius flower
In ancient times people believed that the odor of its leaves, when burnt, drove away serpents. In English this flower has two names, asters and starworts. Aster is Latin for star, and referred to its star-like shape. Wort meant root, which signified plants with healing properties.

Aster: Symbol of Love, daintiness
Aster (China): Afterthoughts, love of variety
Flower of the month: September

Its origin is in the Middle East. But the name, Carnation, comes from Greece - carnis (flesh) refers to the original color of the flower, or it could come from "coronation" or "corona" (flower garlands), as it was one of the flowers used in Greek ceremonial crowns.

Carnation: Fidelity, love
Pink carnation: Woman's love
Flower of the month: January
Pink carnation is a Capricorn flower

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