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Thursday, October 7, 2010

How To Cleane up Areas before you plant your Garden

Another element to consider when deciding where to plant your garden is if there are certain areas that need cleaning up or that need to be disguised. With a little imagination and work, you can take an eyesore and change it in to a work of beauty.

The second garden I planted was in response to a problem with our land. It seems that the previous owner used to burn his garbage in the back yard rather than have it picked up and disposed of properly.

We tried several times to clean this area, but the burned garbage seemed to reach endlessly beneath the ground. This made mowing difficult and it was a concern for us because we have children. I decided to take this dangerous eyesore and turn it into a family area. I placed brick trim all the way around the area that was affected by the garbage pile and planted flowers inside.

Much of the garbage had deteriorated enough that I still had dirt to plant the flowers in without needing to remove all of the garbage. In addition, I selected flowers that I knew would be able to withstand growing conditions that were less than perfect – such as Daylilies and Irises.

I also built a small brick patio in the center of this garden. On this patio, I placed a swinging bench chair that faces toward the playground area we created for our children. Now, I can sit and watch them as they play while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of my garden.

My largest flower garden is growing right next to my patio. Our home had a nice patio already in place when we moved in, but it had a rusty and unattractive fence running around its perimeter. In addition, there was no landscaping near the patio and the grass was in poor shape. In fact, there were several stones in the grassy area near the patio that lead us to believe it was once used as a driveway.

We removed the rusty fence, which helped open up the patio and make it far more attractive. Then, we created a large garden that runs along the entire front of the patio. Within the garden, we have built a brick pathway as well as two garden ponds complete with waterfalls, water plants, and koi. Now, the patio serves as a great spot where we can sit and enjoy the beauty of the garden while listening to the trickling fall of water.

Keep the same considerations in mind when selecting a spot for your garden. What will the purpose of the garden be? Is it purely for enjoyment or will it also be helping you deal with a problem with your land? Who will enjoy your garden? How will you and others enjoy the garden? How does the garden fit within your current landscape and the lay out of your home? How does the garden take advantage of the natural beauty your land already possesses? 

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