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Whether you send red roses for romance,yellow roses for frienship, or any other beautiful rose,
Roses are the perfect expression of love and affection

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Roses and Flowers Create a Colorful Surprise For All Seasons

Roses and other flowers make their way to people’s gardens and homes for many reasons. Decorators buy flowers to brighten and energize interior environments every day of the year, and to act as centerpieces and arrangements for special occasions. Gardeners buy roses to cultivate as hedges and trees in their gardens to add rich color, lush fragrance, and even attract birds and bees to help pollinate crops and create an environment brimming with life and color. Roses of every color hold an old-world charm that warms everyone’s hearts, and gently perfume the air they inhabit.

Red roses are a universal symbol of love, but the color red is an attractive one for many other reasons. Oriental cultures associate red with good fortune, and many ethnicities all over the world use red to symbolize passion for love, life, and happiness. For this reason, other red flowers such as carnations, tulips, and gerbera daisies awaken people’s senses, increase circulation, and remind them of those people and things in the world that make them feel alive.

Roses in shades of pink make people think of all that is sweet, like cotton candy and close friendships. Pink flowers range from the light icy pink of rose wine, through the rich dusty pink often associated with roses, down to a deeper fuchsia that looks close to red. Pink is normally associated with femininity, which is why many women who buy roses for friends and family members often choose pink to commemorate their special bond.

Yellow roses range from buttery, creamy tones to shades that look like pure gold, and are usually the most strongly scented rose color. Yellow is normally used to symbolize concentration and focus, but the bright and vibrant energy of the color leads many yellow flowers to encourage happiness, good health, and when tinged with gold, even prosperity and good luck. Yellow shows up in virtually all flowers, namely daisies, lilies, and sunflowers.

Purple is far less common, and roses tinged with lavender are rare enough that they create a sense of enchantment and fantasy, especially since they often grow without thorns and glow in the moonlight. Adding to this image is purple’s association with magic and passion, which makes purple flowers like hydrangeas, irises, and carnations almost surreal. To buy roses in shades of purple and give them to one’s significant other creates a dreamy and whimsical gift that their lucky recipient will definitely remember fondly.

Christy Powell has enjoyed delivering wildly colorful flowers for several years, the most commonly ordered colors being red, pink and white, which symbolizes purity and remembrance. Christy has seen every color of the rainbow in the many varieties of flowers, and delights in the surprising and personal choices people make when ordering as assortment for loved ones. To buy roses and fill someone’s home or office with bright color and fragrant memories, write to One Old Country Road Suite 500, Carle Place, NY 11514, or call 1-800-flowers.

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