Roses For All Seasons

Whether you send red roses for romance,yellow roses for frienship, or any other beautiful rose,
Roses are the perfect expression of love and affection

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dating Relationships and the Orange Flower

The color orange speaks much about the idea of passionate love in vibrant manners as well as showing these people have desires that transcend the red flower. It is a unique flower that depicts much in the dimension of dating, love and passion.

Orange roses have a blazing color that makes its mark as a unique flower in the world of flower species anywhere. They come in different types and in various shades; shades of peach and sunset, soft coral and shades of brightness that give the ideas about romance and passion. They make you to conjure the sweetness and suppleness of the citrus fruit and the lukewarm nature of a sunset on fire. Dating relationships have not left this great rose unattended. It has become a great commodity for those dating and can't help having it. It is the best epitome of a true friendship.

Orange roses are uniquely grown and have never been found in the wild. They are the aftermath of hybridization just before the onset of the 20th century. They are an answer for research through experimentations on the wild yellow species of roses and an improvement on their appearance and scent. It is a crossbreed that has occurred and has transformed the dating scene that we know today.

The orange hue is a wholesome mixture of yellow and red color. It has been seen as that bridge that is there between the platonic love and friendship that yellow roses bring. The acute romantic loves is also associated with roses of the red nature. For anybody in love currently, the orange rose can make the perfect gift as it represent a connection between the fiery of passionate emotions and intense of feelings. It is the reason as to why it is the best gift for those in dating moods.

On the other hand, orange rose also comes as the best gift for those in a young love as expressing the sense of fascination and pride in the young relationship. It is also an ideal gift for a birthday and even those graduating. Their shades of a dazzling height have a way of effacing all energies of a negative nature as they bring on the feeling and idea of inspiration. The power of enthusiasm, which can transform the life of a person who is traversing a rough part of life and even that person who is in a hospital, is effaced in the orange rose.

Before dating even at home, you should have a vase full of the flowers put at a specific corner of the room and try to sample the change in the ambience and atmosphere. The room comes back to life in sporadic doses that are bubbling with energy and even the warmest of feelings in a pace where they were absent.

The Amazing Lupine Flower

Lupines are symbolic of the imagination. The name "lupinus" actually means "of wolves" due to the mistaken belief that ancient peoples had that lupines robbed the soil of nutrients. The fact is that lupines actually add nitrogen to the soil.

In the United States, lupines grow well in the Pacific Northwest, the West Coast, New England and other northern states. They are both cultivated flowers and wildflowers. Lupines also grow abundantly throughout Europe and as far north as Norway.

There are many varied uses for lupines. The flowers are useful for dyeing cloth. The seeds are said to aid digestion and have been used in skin care for removing spots from the face. The Romans used the flat seeds for theater money. The Romans also used lupines for fertilizer and ate the high-protein seeds.

Wild lupines are the only foods for the Karner blue butterfly caterpillar. The larvae crawl up the stems of wild lupines to feed on the new leaves in mid-April. The Karner blue butterfly is a member of the genus Lycaeides. It has a wingspan of about 2.5 cm, or one inch. The upper surface of the male is blue, with a black edge and white outer fringe. The female is similar but more brown or grayish in color, with a row of dark spots with orange crescents along the wing margins. The underside of both male and female Karner blue butterflies are similar: a slate gray background with several marginal rows of orange and black spots.

Lupines come in blue, pink, white, yellow and purple. The scent from lupine blossoms is like that of honey, a nice addition to any garden. The magnificent flower spikes can be from 36-60 inches high. Lupines need full sun, rich soil and lots of moisture. They can grow in poor soils if the soil is not too alkaline. Add some imagination to your garden with a full array of colorful, stately lupines!

Zinnia - The Cinderella Flower

The original zinnias were found in the early 1500s in the wilds of Mexico. The zinnia was sometimes referred to as the Mexican Marigold, although zinnias are actually members of the sunflower family.

 However, the originals zinnias were so dull and unattractive that the Aztec name for them meant "eyesore." When they were introduced in Europe, they were just as disdained and referred to as "everybody's flower" and "poorhouse flower." The zinnia was named for Dr. Gottfried Zinn, a German whose hobby was breeding wildflowers.

The common name, garden Cinderella, indicates the level of the zinnia's later transformation. In the late 1800s a French botanist produced the first double zinnias with bright colors. Victorian gardeners grew at least nine or ten varieties of zinnia, but the one preferred above all others was scarlet-rayed zinnia.

In the early 20th century, Luther Burbank created the first dahlia-like zinnia. Today the number of colors and flower forms available is astonishing. Wild zinnias still grow in desert areas and are usually yellow or white with fewer petals than the cultivated varieties. The symbolic meanings associated with zinnias are thoughts of absent friends, lasting affection, constancy, goodness and daily remembrance. Zinnias are the state flower of Indiana.

Zinnias thrive in hot climates and will not grow in cool weather. The seeds need to be sown in mid-April, but not earlier. Zinnias should not be over watered and do not like mildew. A wonderful feature of zinnias is that the flowers that open first stay fresh as new flowers open and begin to bloom.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Learn How To Preserve Your Flower Bouquets So They Will Last Longer

Fresh flower bouquets make a room smell fresher and look brighter. Flowers are a nice way to brighten up someone's mood also. Whether ill or just down in the dumps, flowers can quickly lift spirits.
Birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions are made better with fresh flowers. Although we wish they could last forever fresh flowers will wither and die.

Learning how to preserve flowers is a great way to keep those beautiful bouquets lasting longer. It is not terribly difficult, with a bit of time and patience you will have a lasting bouquet for years to come.
To preserve your flowers the only ingredient you need is a bottle of aerosol hairspray. To begin simply gather your flowers and spray with hairspray before they begin to die. If you wait until they die the color will be gone and you can't bring it back.

Next just find a cool, dry and dark place such as a basement or closet and hang the flowers upside down until they dry. It may take a few days to dry but be patient. If you try to arrange them too soon you will damage the flower petals and possible the entire flower. Once they are completely dry you can arrange them in a vase or however you wish. Your flowers will stay beautiful for years to come. Just keep in mind they are very fragile and will break easily when handled.

Another popular method for long lasting flowers is to preserve them by pressing. Using some wax paper or paper towels place flowers in between them and put them in a book. The easiest way is to put more books on top or some thing heavy. The flowers should stay there for a while just remember to check them every few days. After a week or so the flowers will be pressed flat. You can then use them as decoration in picture frames, scrapbooks or albums. You can laminate some of them with a picture from the special occasion and make a beautiful bookmark.
There are so many different ideas to use them in such as when making cement stepping stones for your garden. Cut the bottom 6 inches of a five gallon bucket off. Line the bottom piece you cut away with wax paper, and then pour instant cement into the wax paper. Let it set partway and then sprinkle the flowers onto the cement. Let it dry the rest of the way. When the cement is completely dry take it out of the bucket and peel away the wax paper. Now you have a permanent stepping stone for your garden.
If you do not want to preserve the flowers yourself you can take them to a florist and for a small fee they will do it for you. Any way you choose to preserve your flowers will leave you a lasting treasure to share with future generations.

Flower Arrangements Info

Flower arrangements have been used for hundreds of years in order to celebrate certain occasions, either symbolizing sadness or happiness, depending on what the situation called for. A tradition kept for countless years, flowers are developing more and more into a fruitful business, as they are gathering more and more clients on a yearly basis. If you take a moment to think about it, you can see these changes yourself if you happen to walk by some church on your way to work and you happen to see some church flowers mounted right at the front door. Did you happen to see that hey are becoming larger and more complicated with each year that passes?

Church flowers are used generally to honor a special occasion like a church celebration, or the religious part of a wedding. There are even contests organized in the United States of America, that offer prizes to the best church flowers, made by different organizations or by simple folk like you and me. In the same manner as church flower arrangements are used to celebrate a happy event, they can be used for those less fortunate moments, such as funerals, in order to symbolize respect for the deceased and also sadness towards the one that will no longer be with his family and friends. It is said that the larger the flower arrangement, the more he will be missed and the more important he was to the person giving the flower arrangement.

However flowers are generally connected to happiness so I say we talk a bit about bridal flowers. I can honestly say that women are simply not happy about the wedding, unless the flowers at the wedding look simply amazing and they fit the ceremony in the perfect way. This is why companies that are focused on flower arrangements are making a fortune these days, as wedding are becoming more and more complicated with each occasion that passes.

For those that have a smaller pocket however, or feel that having such a large number of flowers at a festivity is simply a waste, there is always the option of silk flower arrangements. They are not natural and they will not give out any odor whatsoever, however they are significantly cheaper than the natural flower arrangements, they will last a lot longer, they are definitely more resilient and the best thing is that you can later on use them again.

How to Choose a Flower Delivery Shop

Flowers represent different kinds of feelings and emotions. Every type of flower has a special meaning that is conveyed to the receiver. Moreover, since flowers have a wide variety of colors and shades, certain emotions are associated to particular types of flowers. Thus, these are probably some of the reasons why flowers are used whenever one wants to send a message to another person. Consequently, sending flowers must be very effective because most people would rather have flowers than anything else.

There are many occasions in which flowers are very important. These can be joyful moments such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and graduations; or these could be sad moments like death and funerals. Whatever the occasion may be, there are always specific types of flowers that could appropriately represent the emotion that a certain person is feeling.
While flowers have various meanings in different parts of the world, there are those which are used universally to manifest blissfulness, sorrow, love, remorse, and victory. Although not very many people know about the particular meanings of flowers, just the sight of the flowers alone make these people feel that they are special, and that somebody out there is thinking about them.
Unfortunately though, not everyone has the time, or the skill to arrange flowers for special occasions. Aside from the fact that creating flower arrangements is not that easy at all; it requires special skills and the right attitude. Thus, in order to ensure that the flowers are perfectly arranged for specific occasions,
it is most advisable to seek the services of florists and flower shops.
Flowers shops practically proliferate in most major cities, where many people reside, visit, and stay. One of the busiest and largest cities in England is Liverpool. Liverpool is a metropolitan district that caters to a population of more than 800, 000. With a city this big, flower shops are located in almost all corners, most especially that the English people are known to be expressive and romantic. Therefore, if you ever need flower arrangements for any type of occasion in Liverpool, you can always check out the flower shops that they have there.
However, choosing the perfect flower shop may be a little difficult with the wide variety of choices around. As such, it is important to solicit for the best services and the best price. Doing this literally may be very taxing since there are a lot of florists in Liverpool. However, if you search for florists online, the job can be convenient and easy.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to Transfer Rose Plants

There are various reasons why you want to transfer your rose plant. One of the reasons is that maybe the former area or spot is not suited for the plant. Another thing is that maybe you want to use the area for your house extension or for some renovations in your garden, and you want to transfer your roses in the best area possible. But before digging and pulling your rose plant off the ground, you must bear in mind several important things.
The first thing you do is to be ready with the place where you intend to transfer your rose. Be very sure that the root ball of your rose plant is not exposed to heat of the sun as it's important that its moisture is maintained. If travel is needed for its transfer then you have use a 'damp piece of burlap' as covering for the roots. It's wise that one day before moving your rose you have to water it well - as water is your best weapon for your success in transplanting. Don't attempt to transplant a somewhat dry and almost wilting rose or any plant maybe because there is no chance for it to survive. Enough water can help greatly on the demands on the roots during the process of transplanting. From its roots water is then absorbed by the rose plant and it can surely sustain its life even after the transplant.
As you dig the rose plant out from the ground, the root ball must be taken fully and with care that you don't break the extended roots. Usually, there is this healthy growth of your rose plant from its top structure - you don't have to prune it as this growth is needed for the plant to produce sugar. We have also encountered that after transplanting; the plant tips starts to wilt - what you have to do is just to water it some more and prune the tips so it can survive.
The next wise thing to do is to put about one full cup of 'bone meal' to the hole where you will transfer your rose plant. Then you have to set your rose plant about one inch higher from the ground because there is that tendency that it will settle in the hole about also one inch below ground level. During this last step of transplanting, water your rose and after it has settled, there is a possibility of 'air pockets' for your rose plant - to eliminate this just press on the plant slightly starting from its base.
Most, if not all, rose growers as well as enthusiasts would say that it is not good to transplant or move rose plant during the growing season maybe for many reasons. They would say that if you plan to transfer your rose you have to wait for the dormant season - this is when roses are not growing and the risk of shock for them is less. And also, roses are pruned annually, so it's much easy to move them as they are smaller. But, just follow the steps we mentioned here and being prepared and with enough water then you're on your way to a successful transplant anytime.