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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Selecting the Right Flowers for an Occasion

Flowers are an ideal way in which to express your feelings and emotions for a variety of occasions and reasons. Presenting flowers can sometimes be the best way to create a lasting impression with someone you love and care for. Because of their varied colours, fragrances and appearance, flowers have long been a source of inspiration for poets and artists. There are many varieties of delicate flowers but selecting them for an occasion in the context of the intended recipient and his or her cultural background is sometimes a non-trivial task.

 Selecting the Right Flowers

 Almost every flower has some level of meaning in relation to human emotions. Orchids often signify rare beauty; sage can denote wisdom and zinnia affection. �Although, choosing floral colours depends to some extent upon your own preferences, the inherent colour symbolism differs widely, even when selecting flowers of a specific type such as roses. Orange roses sometimes imply passion, dark pink gratitude, and light pink admiration.

The right selection may also be determined by cultural preferences. As an example, in parts of Asia, giving a gift or flowers related to the number 4 (for example an arrangement of 4 stems) has connotations with the word death while in Europe, there are no such associations. So, selecting the right flowers in the right colours and in the right numbers is of considerable importance, particularly when sending flowers abroad.

Wedding Flowers

 Flowers are always an important element of the ambience of a wedding. From the place of marriage to the reception, the day is usually filled with flowers. Herbs were frequently used in addition to flowers in the weddings of old, with deference to the customs and superstitions of the time. Nowadays, the focus is primarily upon the floral elements with blue and white carnations, orchids, roses, daisies and daffodils commonly used for weddings. Colour schemes vary and are primarily driven by aesthetic requirements. When choosing or sending flowers for a wedding, it may well be wise to check with the bride as to any preferences in this area.

There are varied practices involved in wedding flowers in each country. For instance, in Germany it is customary for the bride and groom to hold candles with flowers and ribbons tied to them during the ceremony, while in some historical English Christian weddings, the bride and the bridesmaids would have walked into the church on a carpet of flower blossoms, believing that this would fill the bride�s future life with happiness. Though there may be different flowers used for different reasons at weddings in each country, there is a common theme that flowers spread the fragrance of happiness and love at these important occasions.

Mothers Day Flowers

 Although dates vary, Mothers day is a special day for celebrating motherhood throughout most of the world. It is also one of the busiest times of the year for florists! Children everywhere and of all ages send floral tributes and thanks, much to the delight of their beloved mothers. Popular choices include red carnations, mixed spring flowers, tulips, gerbera daisies, iris and pink roses.
Sympathy Flowers

 There are few times of greater emotion than the loss of someone close to you. Thoughtfully composed sympathy arrangements convey both a sense of solidarity and sympathy with those left behind together with respect to the deceased. These tributes are among the most meaningful gifts that most of us will ever send, providing loving support and comfort at this vital time. Soft colours including pinks, purple and other pastel colours are the right choice for a feminine theme while, autumn colours have a masculine touch. White denoting peace and red signifying undying love are also commonly chosen. Other popular funeral flowers include carnations, gladioli, lilies, chrysanthemums and roses. Different countries associate different flowers with funerals. In England, lilies are very commonly chosen while in India frangipani blossoms have the same association.

Tips on Choosing the Right Flowers

 Whatever the occasion, floral gifts can help in establishing and building relationships, where socially or occasionally in business. They allow you to convey in-depth emotions and sentiments that may be difficult to express by other means. It is important that you choose flower types, colours and numbers that are appropriate to the occasion and to the recipient, factoring in any inherent cultural considerations.
  • Choose a reliable, high quality online florist. Flowers delivered in poor condition are usually worse than no flowers at all!
  • Spell out the recipient�s tastes to the florist.
  • Be sure to choose flowers appropriate to the occasion. Take advice from the florist if needed: this is not the first time they have sent flowers to an occasion of this type.
  • If sending flowers internationally, be sure that you accommodate any cultural sensitivities to colour and flower types.
  • Ornamention including ribbons and other presentation materials should be relatively subdued to emphasise the natural charm of the arrangement itself.


 Different flowers are used in different countries on different occasions. Although, there are wide ranging differences in the common use of flowers across different geographies, it is an undeniable fact that flowers have an almost universal appeal and acceptance in expressing important human emotions. When choosing flowers however, be sure to factor in the receiver�s location, country and the nature of the occasion in choosing appropriate blooms. The thought really does count!

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