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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Choosing the Right Spot for Your Garden

Of course, you also need to work at selecting a spot for your garden that looks good. The middle of your yard may receive the perfect amount of sunlight for your garden – but it might not look so good to grow a vegetable garden there! Therefore, another consideration when choosing a location is the aesthetic appeal.
Consider the Purpose
There are many factors to consider when choosing a spot for your garden that looks good. First, you need to determine the overall purpose of your garden. If you are planting flowers to landscape the home and to give it a trimmed and well-kept look, you might actually have several small garden areas in your yard. For example, you might put trim around the bottom of large trees and plant flowers there.

You might also plant flowers around the outside perimeter of your home or along your driveway in order to create a neat and tidy appearance.
Use What You Already HaveIf, on the other hand, you are looking to add a little flair to your yard that goes beyond looking neat and tidy, you will need to select a spot that will look attractive and that does not look out of place.

Consider the lay out of your land and the natural curves it already possesses and create a garden that works within that lay out rather than against it.

I have planted several gardens in my yard. Each has its own unique character and the locations I chose were for different reasons. For example, the first garden I planted was in a shade garden. I chose this spot because there was a natural cove about ten feet wide that was already there from the previous owners. On one side, a small grove of pine trees was already in place. On the other side, some wild bushes and trees had been allowed to grow.

We decided to place a small shed in the back end of this cove because the trees provided excellent wind protection. Then, I lined either side of the cove and planted shade loving flowers. The result is a beautiful mixture of wild flowers and bushes growing behind my well-trimmed display of flowers. I took an area that was already a part of my land and turned it into my own secret garden. 

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